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Updated: August 2, 2010, 12:29 AM ET

Deadline gone, but movement still at hand

Ravech By Karl Ravech
Here we are now in August, and we keep hearing about NFL training camps and Tom Brady's contract. In the baseball world, we are focused on a two-month sprint to the finish. Let's not forget that the while the finish line is in sight and the trading deadline has come and gone, teams are hardly finished products.

The deadline was great for the Yankees, who upgraded with Lance Berkman and Kerry Wood. The Padres may have a better offense now that Ryan Ludwick wears a friar on his cap. The Rangers managed to slip a few million dollars more under their expanding salary belt while at the same time increasing the value of the franchise as we move toward an auction. (I have $450 million … do I have $500 million … anyone … $500 million?)

Obviously other teams feel good about themselves, and in time those who were less active may be able to reassess their standing and make a waiver claim or trade. Consider some of the names that changed teams last year after the deadline. Jason Giambi went to the Rockies and became a pinch hitter extraordinaire. Carl Pavano left the Indians and joined the Twins, and somewhere along the way he rediscovered the old Carl Pavano, the one who could get guys out using a fastball, slider and changeup. Pavano also benefited from a defense which rewards guys who throw strikes and gets opposing hitters to put the ball in play. As big as Billy Wagner may be for the Braves this season, he came to Boston last year in August, after the trade deadline had passed, and played a huge role in the bullpen in front of closer Jonathan Papelbon.

Given the fact that there is more and more separation between teams with realistic chances of getting into the postseason and those who are kidding themselves, we will begin to hear about players with big salaries and potentially big impacts put on waivers. Adam Dunn still may be traded. There may be a Marlin, Brewer, Met, Cub, Dodger (hello, Manny?) who could find themselves trading in his uniform for another. The Orioles have guys who are still Orioles, which shocked many. But the fact is, Ty Wigginton and Kevin Millwood still may move. How many teams could use David Aardsma in its bullpen? Oh, about 10.

Deadline shmeadline … the truth is teams will change between now and October. The fascinating thing about the calendar right now is that teams like the Red Sox and Tigers and San Francisco Giants are in a position to block their opponents from getting a player they want. General managers are now fully engaged in a game of cat-and-mouse, and it's when they earn their money.

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