Confidential files fly out the window

NEW YORK -- New York City office workers who got carried away during the Yankees victory parade Friday apparently began tossing files and documents out the window when they couldn't get their hands on confetti.

Auditor Damian Salo attended the Manhattan parade. He told The New York Post he found all sorts of personal financial documents in the mountains of shredded paper tossed from skyscrapers as the players rode up Broadway.

"We're finding pay stubs. We're finding personal financial information. We found a balance sheet of someone's trust fund showing $300,000 in stock," Salo told the Post.

Other intact documents included banking data, law firm memos and even some court files.

The founder of one financial firm, Alan Sarroff, says his company reprimanded one "overzealous" employee for throwing records out the window that should have been shredded.

Ticker-tape parades on Broadway are a New York tradition.

The city's Downtown Alliance provided more than a half-ton of shredded, recycled paper to skyscrapers and offices down Broadway -- actual ticker-tape has not been used in decades.

"The idea of our confetti was to urge people not to use prior documents or anything inappropriate," Downtown Alliance spokesperson James Yolles told New York broadcast station WPIX.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.