- MLB Playoffs 2002 - Artigue: Radio DJ suspended for at least a week

Thursday, October 3
Updated: October 4, 9:33 PM ET
Artigue: Radio DJ suspended for at least a week

Associated Press

PHOENIX -- A radio station suspended the disc jockey who called Darryl Kile's widow in an on-air prank and asked if she had a date to Thursday's playoff game.

The incident enraged St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa and prompted apologies from the radio station and the Arizona Diamondbacks.

KUPD-FM disc jockey Beau Duran was suspended for at least a week, said Chuck Artigue, market manager for the Sandusky Group, which owns the station. Artigue announced the suspension to The Arizona Republic and Phoenix television stations but didn't return repeated phone messages from The Associated Press on Friday.

Flynn Kile hung up the phone after Duran called her Phoenix hotel room.

Her husband, a starting pitcher for the Cardinals, was found dead in his bed at the team's hotel in Chicago on June 22. An autopsy showed the 33-year-old pitcher died from blocked coronary arteries.

The station's Web site carried an apology Friday headlined "In Response to Our Misjudgment.'' It said the prank "was not intended to be hurtful or malicious in any way.''

"We are truly amazed on (sic) how this turned into a media circus and we regret the turmoil that it caused people all over the country,'' it said.

AP was unable to locate Duran on Friday. There is no phone listing for someone with that name.

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