Astros rap lyrics

Here is a sampling of lyrics from remixes devoted to the Houston Astros by Houston rappers Paul Wall and Chamillionaire.

Paul Wall, "They Don't Know"
"What you know about Brad Ausmus and what you know about Jason

"What you know about Andy Pettitte up on the mound and bringing

"These boys some legends of the game when Lance Berkman step up
and swang he hit the ball straight out the park a home run start up the train."

"George Bush is at every game to see them Astros do their thing. This year we at the World Series. Congratulations to Drayton

"They don't know about the Killer B's them Astros can't see

"They don't know about the Rockets' arm or Willy T with fast

"Them Astros, yeah, that's my team

"Last year it was all a dream but this year they did their thing.

"The Astros are baseball's kings."

"Phil Garner keep pulling tricks with run support from lots of

"It's Paul Wall and I'm going live. It's the Astros 2005."

Chamillionaire, "Turn It Up"
"We gonna show you how to get your shine on.

"Ya'll know I got to rep for my home. Houston, Texas, baby all
that I know.

"You don't want to rumble with the Astros. They going to show
you how to hit a home run.

"Competition don't really want none. Because Houston Texas got
the competition running. Ya'll know the Astros are winning."

"Hit it and never miss throw the ball we hit em high.

"When the Astros win the series it looks like you didn't even

"Knock it way into the sky, watch how high up that it fly.
Houston Astros is the truth and you're a lie."

"The Astros the biggest threat to any team that think they
doing it.

"Who that is? That's the baddest team that always do it big.

"Crush your confidence and take a winning streak and ruin it.

"Houston got a problem and you don't want nothing to do with

"Told me that another team would win the series, are you

"Houston is the best if you don't know then you're delirious.

"You've been rooting for another team I hope you're hearing

"Houston got it locked and we gonna show you who the winner