Sore wrist sidelines Tigers reliever Zumaya

A month after being sidelined for a week with a sore right wrist, Tigers reliever Joel Zumaya has developed the same problem and is unavailable to pitch.

"I'm just taking it day-to-day, but it's sore," Zumaya told USA Today on Wednesday. "It's the second time I've had this. It's a little worrisome.

"I'm a big factor on this team, but I couldn't pitch with it. That's all I have to say," he said.

Zumaya saw a doctor both Wednesday and Thursday, but the Tigers aren't sure when he'll be able to pitch again.

In September, Zumaya was diagnosed with tendinitis in his right wrist and received a cortisone shot.

Team trainer Kevin Rand believed the original problem arose from the repetitive act of pitching. Zumaya, whose fastball travels more than 100 mph, said he thinks it comes from the aggressive way he holds the baseball.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.