ESPN experts predict the World Series

BBTN picks World Series winners (1:04)

The Baseball Tonight crew makes its predictions and picks for the World Series. (1:04)

Which team is going to win the World Series? Will it be the National League champion New York Mets or the American League champion Kansas City Royals?

Our experts make their picks.

Aaron Boone

RoyalsWhile the awesome Mets rotation may prove me wrong, I think the Royals are baseball's best club.

Jim Bowden

RoyalsThe Royals have a stronger and deeper overall bullpen, they're a better defensive team and will have better at-bats throughout their lineup. The Mets have the best starting pitching in this series and in baseball, and I normally would pick that over everything else. The Royals, however, have unfinished business from last year's Game 7 loss to the Giants in the World Series and have the unique combination of swag and humbleness to complete their goal this year. Royals in seven.

Jim Caple

RoyalsThe Royals will win because the Mets had a longer layoff, and a downturn is likely. Also, the Royals put the ball in play more than any other team.

Alex Cora

RoyalsThe Royals will make contact and they will put pressure on the Mets' defense. K.C.'s bullpen is also really good. Royals in six.

Jerry Crasnick

RoyalsThe Royals' starting pitching is a definite concern. But they're a relentless offensive team with a great defense and a strong bullpen. They just seem to find a way. Kansas City in seven.

Gordon Edes

RoyalsKansas City's bullpen, defense and speed will trump the Mets' rotation. Royals in six.

Doug Glanville

RoyalsIn a battle between the Mets' power pitchers and the Royals' contact hitters, the pressure on the Mets' infield defense will give the Royals a few extra outs. Home field will then prevail on the strength of the Royals' strong bullpen.

Pedro Gomez

RoyalsThe Mets have dominant starting pitching, which was in full view during the NLCS. But the Royals don't have pure home run hitters who are susceptible to striking out. Royals hitters will put the ball in play and frustrate the Mets.

Christina Kahrl

RoyalsThe Mets have the advantages in starting pitching and lineup depth, and that's going to give us a World Series to remember. The Royals' bullpen should give them a key advantage converting early leads into wins, and their high-contact offense will exploit the Mets' defensive shortcomings. Royals in seven.

Eric Karabell

RoyalsThe Royals can't match the Mets' starting pitching, but their offense will produce better at-bats than the Cubs did against the Mets, and their bullpen is deep and experienced. Royals in six.

Jonah Keri

MetsStark advantages for the Mets in starting pitching and power hitting trump the Royals' bullpen edge. Mets in six.

Tim Kurkjian

RoyalsThis series is a toss-up. Having the better defense and four games at home gives Kansas City the advantage. Royals in seven.

Andrew Marchand

MetsThis is a real toss-up series, but the Mets' pitching will give them the slight edge and allow them to win in seven.

Wallace Matthews

MetsThe Mets got hot at the right time and look like the team to beat coming out of the NLCS sweep over the Cubs. As long as the layoff hasn't cooled them off, the Mets' young arms and timely hitting should be enough to snap the 29-year Flushing drought. Mets in six.

Eddie Matz

RoyalsAt a time of year when games get shorter and bullpens matter more, K.C.'s biggest deficiency (rotation) will matter less. That, combined with the Royals' throwback knack for putting the bat on the baseball, gives them the edge. Royals in six.

Jessica Mendoza

RoyalsNo team matches up better to the seemingly unhittable Mets staff. The Royals have shorter swings, which is why they have the lowest swing strikeout percentage in baseball and the best batting average against pitches 95 mph and higher. Plus, they win the late innings with their bullpen and a relentless offense that has a knack for scoring late.

Buster Olney

RoyalsThe depth of the Kansas City lineup and its ability to put the ball in play will be the greatest challenge faced by the Mets' pitching in this postseason. Royals in six.

Doug Padilla

RoyalsA week and a half ago, their season looked finished, but the Royals have simply showed the kind of determination necessary to win it all. They hit in the clutch, have the best relief pitching in the game -- even without Greg Holland -- and play defense better than most, which should be enough to get the best of the Mets.

Karl Ravech

MetsThis World Series will be the ultimate test of better pitching beats the better team. Mets in six.

Jesse Rogers

RoyalsThe Mets played perfect baseball in the NLCS, but the long break will slow down their offense. Whatever inexperience presented itself for the Cubs won't be an issue for the Royals, who will break through one year after knocking on the door.

Adam Rubin

MetsStarting pitching rules in the postseason. With Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard and Steven Matz, no playoff team is deeper. Mets in six.

Mark Saxon

MetsThe long layoff isn't ideal for the Mets' hitters, but it will allow the pitchers to rest up and come at Kansas City as they did the Dodgers and Cubs: hard and fast.

David Schoenfield

MetsYes, the Royals had the best production in the majors against fastballs of 94-plus mph, but this Mets rotation doesn't throw your ordinary 94 mph fastballs. I like those power arms of the Mets' starters, the roll Jeurys Familia is on, the depth of the Mets' offense, and Ned Yost is going to get burned at some point leaving his starter in too long. And Daniel Murphy hits a couple more home runs. Mets in five.

Jon Sciambi

MetsThe Mets' starting pitching won't strike as many batters out, but they'll still get many outs. Mets in six.

Jayson Stark

RoyalsWhen the NLCS ended, I thought the Mets would win the World Series. But I'm worried the layoff will cool off Daniel Murphy and the Mets' bats, and the Royals' contact offense will negate the Mets' biggest strength -- their swing-and-miss starting pitching. Royals in six.

Adnan Virk

MetsThey're gonna party like it's 1986 behind that dominant starting pitching while the legend of Daniel Murphy grows. Mets in six.