Team predictions for the 2015 season

Which team is going to win the World Series in 2015?

We recently polled 88 ESPN experts for their team predictions (division winners, League Championship Series winners and World Series winner) for the upcoming season.

The Washington Nationals led the way as our pick to win the World Series, receiving 42 percent (37 of the 88 votes) of the vote from our panel of experts. The Los Angeles Dodgers came in second, getting 19 percent (17 votes) of the vote.

In the American League East, the Boston Red Sox came out on top by receiving 36 votes followed by the Baltimore Orioles (30), Toronto Blue Jays (17), New York Yankees (4) and Tampa Bay Rays (1).

In the AL Central, the Cleveland Indians topped the list by getting 43 votes followed by the Detroit Tigers (25), Chicago White Sox (17) and Kansas City Royals (3).

In the AL West, the Seattle Mariners received the most votes (54) followed by the Los Angeles Angels (28) and Oakland Athletics (6).

In the National League East, the Nationals were the overwhelming winners (85 votes) followed by the Miami Marlins (2) and New York Mets (1).

In the NL Central, the St. Louis Cardinals topped the list by getting 48 votes followed by the Pittsburgh Pirates (33), Chicago Cubs (6) and Milwaukee Brewers (1).

In the NL West, the Dodgers were the runaway winners by receiving 85 votes followed by the San Diego Padres (3).

Below are 15 of our experts' picks for '15: