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Friday, December 21
Down on the Farm archive

Dec. 21: Given a chance, could Brown produce in the majors?

Dec. 13: Rule 5 draft analysis

Dec. 11: Prospects traded during winter meetings

Dec. 7: Nady likely a good fit for Padres at second base

Dec. 5: Mario Ramos (Athletics)

Nov. 30: Where do Burroughs, Blalock fit in?

Nov. 27: Gabe Gross (Blue Jays)

Nov. 23: Should Rockies expect big things from Uribe?

Nov. 21: Chin-Feng Chen (Dodgers)

Nov. 16: Brandon Phillips (Expos)

Nov. 14: Mailbag: Twins edition

Nov. 8: Arizona Fall League review

Nov. 7: Morgan Ensberg (Astros)

Nov. 5: Mailbag: All signs point to Hill becoming a solid big leaguer

Oct. 30: Marcus Thames (Yankees)

Oct. 26: Rating AFL prospects: Part 2

Oct. 25: Rating AFL prospects: Part 1

Oct. 22: Ramon Vazquez (Mariners)

Oct. 19: Mailbag: Can the A's rely on Hart to replace Giambi?

Oct. 17: Justin Morneau (Twins)

Oct. 13: Playoff rookies

Oct. 9: Corwin Malone (White Sox)

Oct. 4: Mailbag: Will Fossum be a starter or reliever for Red Sox?

Oct. 4: Prospects on the way down

Oct. 3: Prospects on the way up

Sept. 27: Mailbag: Do White Sox have major power threat in Borchard?

Sept. 26: Sean Burroughs (Padres)

Sept. 21: Mailbag: Could Moreno be a future closer for Royals?

Sept. 17: Mailbag: Will Almonte and Griffin make it in pinstripes?

Sept. 11: Hank Blalock (Rangers)

Sept. 7: Mailbag: Is Bynum still a top-level prospect for Padres?

Sept. 4: Kurt Ainsworth (Giants)

Aug. 30: Mailbag: Does future remain bright for Mets prospect Escobar?

Aug. 28: Juan Rivera (Yankees)

Aug. 23: Mailbag: Give Baugh the edge over Martin

Aug. 21: Nick Neugebauer (Brewers)

Aug. 16: Mailbag: Do Astros have a can't-miss prospect in Lane?

Aug. 15: Boof Bonser (Giants)

Aug. 9: Mailbag: Will Nunez ever develop into anything for Marlins?

Aug. 8: Dan Wright (White Sox)

Aug. 3: Mailbag: What's the latest on "Toe" Nash?

Aug. 1: Brandon Duckworth (Phillies)

July 27: Mailbag: Will Harvey now have a spot in K.C. with Dye gone?

July 24: Toby Hall (Devil Rays)

July 19: Mailbag: Could Aurilia be the Giants' answer at third base?

July 17: Juan Cruz (Cubs)

July 12: Mailbag: Does the speedy Jamal Strong have a future in Seattle?

July 10: Chris George (Royals)

July 5: Mailbag: Is Padres prospect Burroughs ready for majors now?

July 3: Dennis Tankersley (Padres)

June 28: Mailbag: Did Boston fail in trading young pitcher Duchscherer?

June 27: Mike Cuddyer, Mike Restovich (Twins)

June 21: Mailbag: Is Tim Raines, Jr. progressing in the minors?

June 20: Joe Kennedy (Devil Rays)

June 14: Bud Smith (Cardinals)

June 12: Mailbag: Should Bucs make VanBenschoten a hitter or pitcher?

June 5: Carlos Pena (Rangers)

May 31: Mailbag: Who will the Twins likely take with the No. 1 pick?

May 29: Joe Borchard (White Sox)

May 24: Mailbag: Is there an A-Rod clone developing in the O's system?

May 22: Adam Dunn (Reds)

May 17: Mailbag: Will Bud Smith crack the Cardinals' rotation this year?

May 14: Roy Oswalt (Astros)

May 10: Mailbag: Were the Reds smart in acquiring Wily Mo Pena?

May 8: Nick Johnson (Yankees)

May 3: Mailbag: Is Calvin Pickering still considered a top prospect?

May 1: Corey Patterson (Cubs)

April 26: Mailbag: What does the future hold for Nick Neugebauer?

April 24: Josh Hamilton (Devil Rays)

April 19: Mailbag: Who has a greater upside, Reitsma or Reames?

April 17: Albert Pujols (Cardinals)

April 12: Mailbag: Do Giants have logjam at the corners?

April 12: C.C. Sabathia (Indians)

April 5: Mailbag: Can Jackson Melian develop into a Junior Griffey?

March 29: Mailbag: Is Vernon Wells a Ron Gant clone?

March 22: Running down the Rookie of the Year candidates

March 20: Henson certainly has a great upside

March 16: Mailbag: Can Kenny Kelly star in the majors?

March 9: Mailbag: Should Giants give Damon Minor a chance?

March 2: Mailbag: Did the Brewers blow it by releasing Wunsch?

February 23: Mailbag: Does Chad Hermansen have a promising future?

February 14: NL young players to watch in spring training

February 14: AL young players to watch in spring training

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