Domonic Brown has wrist surgery

CLEARWATER, Fla. -- Phillies outfielder Domonic Brown had surgery Tuesday morning to remove the fractured hook of his right hamate bone. If he heals normally, he should be able to play again in four to six weeks, according to Phillies trainer Scott Sheridan.

Brown injured the hamate bone, which is located at the base of the wrist, taking a swing Saturday. Sheridan said he believes the injury is a result of "just the attrition of hitting. Just one of those things you see in the game."

The surgery carries "no long-term concerns," Sheridan said. "It can't come back because it's no longer there."

Brown, who was competing for the Phillies' right-field job in the wake of Jayson Werth's departure in free agency, now will start the season on the disabled list. He began the spring by going 0 for 15, with nine strikeouts, then broke the hitless streak in the same at-bat in which he injured his wrist.

Ben Francisco is expected to be the Phillies' Opening Day right fielder.

Sheridan said Brown will have his stitches removed in 10 days, will wear a removable splint for three to four weeks, and can't resume hitting for "at least two weeks."

The Phillies offered no update Tuesday on the condition of second baseman Chase Utley, who has not played this spring because of right patellar tendinitis. He received a cortisone shot in the knee Friday.

Jayson Stark is a senior baseball writer for ESPN.com.