GM: Jays don't expect Melky ban

DUNEDIN, Fla. -- Toronto Blue Jays general manager Alex Anthopoulos isn't worried that outfielder Melky Cabrera could face a second performance-enhancing drug suspension because of his connection to a South Florida anti-aging clinic currently under investigation by Major League Baseball.

"My understanding is there's no issue," Anthopoulos said Friday. "My understanding is that, as of today, we really don't have anything to be concerned with. He served a suspension and right now, that's it. His suspension has been served."

Cabrera was suspended for 50 games in August while he was still a member of the San Francisco Giants after testing positive for synthetic testosterone. He has since been linked by findings in a Miami New Times report to Biogenesis, which the newspaper said supplied similar performance-enhancing substances to Cabrera and other major league players.

Anthopoulos said he hasn't specifically been "assured" that Cabrera can't be suspended again if his dealings with Biogenesis can be substantiated by MLB investigators. The GM said, however, that "the way it was conveyed to us, I'm not losing any sleep over it."

"I haven't even thought about it. Put it that way," Anthopoulos said. "I'm very, very comfortable that we don't have anything to worry about."

Despite Anthopoulos' optimism, Major League Baseball is still investigating Biogenesis and hasn't ruled out any action, including further discipline for Cabrera or two other previously suspended players who have been linked to the clinic -- Oakland's Bartolo Colon and San Diego's Yasmani Grandal.

If Cabrera were to be suspended a second time for using banned PEDs, he would miss 100 games, because this would be his second offense. He signed a two-year, $16 million contract with the Blue Jays over the winter after the Giants made no effort to re-sign him.

Cabrera on Friday addressed the media for the first time since his suspension. However, he answered no questions about the specifics of his case, saying he'd been advised by lawyers not to discuss a situation that still is under investigation.

"He said he knew this day was coming," Cabrera's translator, Blue Jays coach Luis Rivera, told reporters. "He said he was looking forward to this day. He wanted to face the press and the people. He said he knew he made a mistake. It's in the past, and he's going to move forward."