David Samson 1st to be voted off

Miami Marlins president David Samson's time as a castaway on CBS' "Survivor" lasted all of one episode.

Samson was the first contestant voted off the island. He arrived in the Philippines, where the show is based for its 28th season, wearing a blazer and khakis, and it seemingly didn't take him long to alienate his fellow castmates.

Samson was elected leader of the "Brains" tribe (one of three squads along with "Brawn" and "Beauty") at the outset of the show but lost support by trying to get professional poker player Garrett Adelstein, one of the more athletic members of the team, immediately eliminated.

Samson's crew then came up woefully short in the immunity challenge, where teams guide a cart through an obstacle course, open treasure chests and construct a large dragon puzzle, prompting host Jeff Probst to call it "one of the worst performances out of the gate ever."

In a biography released by the network in January, Samson listed as his claim to fame getting the local government in South Florida to "contribute over $350 million to a new baseball park during the recession." Critics called the financing plan a taxpayer rip-off, and a backlash against the deal resulted in the recall of the county mayor.

After the 4-3 vote to oust him, Samson said he "had no hard feelings" toward his castmates.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.