Kevin Towers unsure of future as GM

Embattled general manager Kevin Towers is confident that the last-place Arizona Diamondbacks will turn their season around.

He's not confident, however, that he will be around to see Arizona's resurgence.

Towers acknowledged in a recent interview with MLB.com that Diamondbacks managing partner Ken Kendrick and president Derrick Hall are disappointed in the team's slow start this season, claiming that his own job security may not be stable.

"[Kendrick and Hall] are both very, very disappointed, and rightfully so," Towers told MLB.com on Friday. "When you spend $110 million and you're 9-22 at the end of April, I wouldn't be happy, either.

"I'm also disappointed, but I still believe in the core group. I think they will get better. Will I be around to see it? I don't know."

Despite winning their last three games, the Diamondbacks (11-22) entered play Sunday with the worst record in the National League. Towers cited injuries to pitchers Patrick Corbin, Daniel Hudson, David Hernandez and Matt Reynolds as one of the reasons for Arizona's woeful start.

"If we had Hudson right now, Reynolds, Hernandez and Corbin, we're a better ballclub," Towers told MLB.com. "But that's a year away. Do we have that year? I don't have that answer.

"I feel terrible for [Kendrick]. He went out and spent a lot of money on this club and it's not performing. That's a reflection on him and his entire organization, and that hurts. I know how frustrated he is and to me, he wants to win."

Towers and manager Kirk Gibson both received contract extensions prior to the start of spring training.

But Arizona's April struggles clearly have Towers worried.

"We all thought that with our payroll we had a good chance," he said. "And we got off to a horrible start and [Kendrick] is probably scratching his head. 'Do I have the right manager? Do I have the right general manager? Is this really what we have? Is this really who we are?'

"I guess if he believes that we're terrible and we stink and we're bad, then we're probably in trouble."

The Diamondbacks own a 4.97 team ERA -- the worst in the majors -- and have struggled to hit consistently despite a lineup that features star first baseman Paul Goldschmidt and injured slugger Mark Trumbo, who leads the team with seven home runs but will miss at least six weeks due to a broken foot.

"I think they're better than they've performed," Towers said. "When you take a look at the offense, there's not a lot of grey beards or rookies other than Chris Owings. They're in the primes of their careers and have been pretty consistent performers without a lot of peaks and valleys. Other than [Goldschmidt], they've all had down years so far."