Morales part of trend for Twins

Because Morales didn't cost a draft pick, the risk is low for the Twins. Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

The last major free agent from the 2013-14 offseason has finally signed. Kendrys Morales, this winter's longest unsigned, reportedly inked a deal for the rest of the season. The Minnesota Twins are the lucky suitor, bringing in Morales for what is reportedly similar to -- but a little less than -- the $10 million deal Stephen Drew signed with the Red Sox a few weeks ago.

Morales -- along with fellow Scott Boras-client Drew -- miscalculated what he could get in the open market as teams adjusted to the very real costs of losing a prime draft pick. By waiting until after the draft began to sign, Morales won't cost the Twins a pick, which is why he was able to get more on a per-game basis than Nelson Cruz got from the Orioles.