Ice cream sandwich? Just say no!

As you might have heard, Seattle Mariners minor leaguer Jesus Montero reportedly got rather upset Thursday when a cross-checker scout allegedly had an ice cream sandwich delivered to him in the Everett AquaSox dugout during a Class A game in Boise, Idaho.

Wielding both a bat and the ice cream, Montero charged the scout in the stands before eventually being restrained, according to reports. Fortunately, there were no injuries, although the catcher did hurl the ice cream sandwich at the scout.

Montero once was a much-hyped prospect with the Yankees -- aren't all Yankees prospects much-hyped? -- but his career has been disappointing. After a highly publicized trade to Seattle for Michael Pineda in January 2012, Montero has been a flop. He has done little in the majors, has been moved from catcher to first base/DH, has spent most of the past two seasons in the minors, and was also suspended 50 games for his part in the Biogenesis scandal.

He also infamously showed up about 40 pounds overweight at spring training in February. Thus, the scout reportedly sent the ice cream sandwich to Montero as an insult after he thought the player had not hustled enough leaving the field during Thursday's game.

Well, I'd be angry, too, if I were Montero. After all, who wants an ice cream sandwich these days? The ice cream is usually bland, and the "sandwich" part tastes like soggy cardboard. I've never liked them. Plus, ice cream sandwiches are soooo 1950. Rather than an ice cream of the past, the scout at least could have sent Montero some Dippin' Dots, the ice cream of the future.

So I wouldn't have been mad to get Dippin' Dots, but I wouldn't have been terribly excited, either. Every good scout should know that the dessert of choice these days is gelato or frozen yogurt, preferably with malted milk balls and salted caramel mixed in.

Or maybe Montero was just upset that the scout didn't send him one of those $17, 3-pound, ice cream sundaes the White Sox serve in an actual batting helmet.