Brewers roll out 'Timeless Tickets'

Imagine if you could buy a ticket now that would entitle you to use it for any single game in your favorite team's future.

If your team is the Milwaukee Brewers, you're in luck.

In late October, the team announced it would sell 1,000 "Timeless Tickets" for $1,000 each. They come in 1-pound bronze tickets with the owners' names engraved on them.

On Tuesday, as the offer went online for the first time, the team announced that it would add another nine timeless tickets to each deal, which would be redeemable for any regular-season game in the team's future, except for Opening Day games.

The original bronze ticket is good for any single game, including say, a World Series home game at Miller Park, or whatever stadium the Brewers happen to be playing in should they return to the Fall Classic. The team's only appearance came in 1982.

The idea is the brainchild of Brewers chief operating officer Rick Schlesinger.

"I was at the post office and got caught up with the idea of forever stamps," Schlesinger said. "So I wondered what we could do to offer our fans something where we could give them the promise of being able to go to any game."

Schlesinger said there wasn't much debate about the price.

"We obviously had to account for what the most expensive ticket would go for, a World Series Game 7," Schlesinger said. "But we also didn't want it to be completely out of reach."

Schlesinger said the team has sold 240 timeless tickets so far, which he is pleased with given that, until this week, it was just a soft launch.

When fans want to redeem their timeless tickets, they have to notify the box office as soon as they know.

"I can't promise that we'd be able to accommodate a person who calls up on the morning of Game 7 of a World Series, but we'll try."

The Brewers have been in the top half of league attendance -- measured by average fans per game -- for eight straight seasons.

Major League Baseball is the only major sports league that offers a lifetime pass to all games. But you can't buy it. The card gives any player manager, coach or umpire with at least eight years of service free admission for two seats to any regular-season game of their choice for life.