El Campeon Del Mariachi

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Who is Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán?
It's a traditional mariachi band in Mexico. They have a song called "El Mariachi Loco." It has really good rhythm and life and beat to it.

And so you made "El Mariachi Loco" your walk-up song?
It's a song I played walk-up to in San Diego. I wanted something that can be Mexican and people can enjoy. You want to let people know what you're about and where you're from. For two or three of our wedding anniversaries, mariachis have even come and played for me and my wife.

How do the fans react?
The fans in LA love it. It just goes to show how much the fan base we have is Mexican. I even get a lot of tweets when I don't play that song. They say, "No, that's the song we want to hear." They love it. They get up and they dance to it. I just want the fans to enjoy my at-bat.

We hear you were willing to put on the outfit?
Willing to? I wanted to! I've been trying to get an official mariachi outfit that I can have for any occasion, Halloween or just anything.

Which are tighter, baseball pants or mariachi pants?
Nowadays, mariachi pants.