Uni Watch Power Rankings

The Cardinals repeated as No. 1 in Uni Watch's rankings of MLB uniform sets. Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Major league baseball training camps are open, and spring training games begin next week. So this is a good time for a new edition of the Uni Watch MLB Power Rankings. We rank all of the MLB uniform sets, from first to worst.

In our previous installments of the Power Rankings, we ranked each of the "Big Four" pro leagues (MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL) at the same time and then intermixed them. This time we're spreading it out over the course of the year.

Ranking MLB uniforms is a fairly enjoyable exercise because baseball is a pretty good-looking sport these days. Even the worst-looking teams are way ahead of the bottom-feeders in the NFL or NBA. Yes, the ongoing scourge of the pajama pants remains a problem, but still -- things could be (and have been) much, much worse.

Before we get started, here's a refresher course on the Power Rankings ground rules:

• All judging has been done by the Uni Watch Power Rankings Executive Committee, which has a membership of one and freely admits its biases. The committee is rather fond of striped socks and the color green, for example, but is less enthusiastic about the color purple and design "innovations" that just feel like gimmicks. If you don't share the committee's preferences, then you're totally hopeless and it's a wonder you can dress yourself in the morning that's fine -- the whole point of a project like this one is that it's fun to argue and disagree.

• Each team has been ranked primarily on the basis of its current home and road uniforms, with alternate uniforms taken into account if they're part of the team's regular uni rotation (and given extra weight if they're worn a disproportionate amount of the time). One-off designs, special promotions and so on have not been considered.

• The rankings take into account all of the new uniforms that have been released for the 2015 season. Factoring in these new designs was, by necessity, somewhat speculative, because we haven't yet seen them on the field.

Remember, you can click on each team's name to see its current uniform set, and use the "Trending" column to track a team's movement up or down on the chart since the previous edition of the Power Rankings.

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