Reds debut room for nursing moms

When Cincinnati Reds chief operating officer Phil Castellini was told by stadium operations that there was an increased number of women asking where they could nurse their children at the ballpark, as a father of five, he couldn't dismiss the idea of doing the best he could to provide a worthwhile solution.

"It just didn't make sense that we would put a couple chairs in the women's bathrooms," Castellini said.

The site, built by local home builder Fischer Homes and sponsored by Pampers, which is owned by Cincinnati-based Procter & Gamble, will have five gliders that will give the female fan the comfort of home while at the ballpark.

The space can be used for breast- or bottle-feeding and diaper changing. Areas include private restrooms, a kitchenette, refrigerator and lockers to store items during the game.

"We'll also have flat screen TVs so that they won't miss the game, and there will be toys to play with if the 3-year-old has to come with them," Castellini said.

The nursing center is another example of teams catering more to female fans. New stadiums, including Yankee Stadium, have doubled the number of toilets for women than for men -- a far cry from more than 50 years ago, when White Sox owner Bill Veeck happened to notice there were no women's bathrooms in the bleachers.

In addition, in the past five years, all major sports leagues have worked with official licensees to redesign their jerseys in a women's cut.