For Reds' Bryan Price, no pulling verbal punches in 5-minute diatribe to media

Cincinnati Reds manager Bryan Price lashed out in front of a group of 10 media members Monday, reportedly using the F-word 77 times and 10 more variants of other vulgarities in a five-and-a-half minute rant focused on recently published roster information.

According to a report by the Cincinnati Enquirer, Price, speaking before a 6-1 win at Milwaukee, was unhappy about recent reports that in his view could be beneficial to opponents.

"I don't get it. It's, you know, look, I don't need you guys to be fans of the Reds," Price said, according to a transcript of the media session published by the Enquirer. "I just need to know if there's something we want to keep here, it stays here.

"We don't need to know that Tucker Barnhart's in the f---ing airport when we haven't spoken to Kyle Skipworth," Price said, referring to Reds catchers, one of whom returned to the team last week while the other was resultingly demoted to the minors. "I think we owe that f---ing kid the right to be called and told that he's going to be sent down as opposed to reading that Tucker Barnhart is on his way from Louisville."

Price also was reacting over a report that All-Star catcher Devin Mesoraco, out last week with a left hip injury, was unavailable Sunday as a pinch hitter in the last of a three-game series against the Cardinals, according to the Enquirer report. Mesoraco reportedly had been on the plane Friday with Barnhart.

"I've got to f---ing read that on a f---ing tweet on our own people in here that we don't have a f---ing player?" Price said. "How the f--- does that benefit the Reds? It doesn't benefit us one f---ing bit."

The Reds improved to 6-7 with the win Monday. But they have lost seven of their past nine after winning four straight to open the season.

"What do you got? If you don't got anything, get out and I'll do this f---ing interview with Marty," Price said, referring to the Reds' Hall of Fame radio announcer, Marty Brennaman. "You don't have anything? Just get out, please."