David Price takes offense to Safeco Field bullpen conditions

Detroit Tigers pitcher David Price took offense to the conditions at Safeco Field on Monday, and then he took to Twitter to let the Seattle Mariners know about it.

Price was referring to the pitcher's mound in the bullpen not being at the required height, which should be a staple of all major league stadiums. Instead, it was flatter than it should have been, which drew the ire of the Tigers' left-hander.

"It's just a flat mound. It's common," said Price, an AL All-Star selection who is 8-2 with a 2.54 ERA and 107 strikeouts this season. "It happens at a lot of places, but it shouldn't be the case. That's how people get hurt.

"You go from that mound to the game mound and your foot's not hitting the ground where it was hitting in your last 40 throws in the bullpen. It's completely different and that is how guys get hurt. You really see that a lot in spring training, but it shouldn't happen at this level."