Cubs reach out to season-ticket holders about purchasing playoff tickets

CHICAGO -- The Cubs sent out playoff ticket invoices to season-ticket holders Thursday, and it wasn't just email inbox spam.

If the season ended today, the Cubs would play a one-game wild card on the road. They are trying to make the playoffs for the first time since 2008, when they won the NL Central with the best record in the National League. That guaranteed the Cubs only two home games, as the Dodgers swept them 3-0.

So how much would playoff tickets run you if the Cubs have playoff games at Wrigley Field?

There are three pricing tiers: one for the wild-card/divisional series, one for the league championship series and, yes, one for the World Series.

For the first round, prices range from $45 for upper reserved outfield seats to $160 for club box infield seats. A bleacher ticket would cost $75.

Using research from Team Marketing Report, which does the Fan Cost Index survey, the average Cubs wild-card/divisional series ticket -- including the club box outfield and infield seats, which are technically classified as premium in the FCI -- is $86.51, or about $39 more than the blended season-ticket average.

How does that compare to 2008? The average ticket for that divisional series was around $54. Ticket prices for that series ranged from $25 to $100, with $60 bleacher tickets.

If you're in the mood to daydream, NLCS tickets range from $70 to $250. Bleacher seats are $126. Four seating categories are under $100: terrace reserved infield ($98), terrace reserved outfield ($90), upper reserved infield ($85) and upper reserved outfield ($70).

World Series tickets range from $175 to $350. Bleacher seats are $200, a bargain given the circumstances.

For playoff pricing, teams come up with the numbers, and Major League Baseball gives guidance and approves pricing.