The Whammys' Elite Eight: What is baseball's best walk-up song?

MLB Walkup Music Tournament Elite 8 ESPN illustration - Mike Facciolo

From Frank Sinata to Fetty Wap, and hip-hop to classic rock, the Elite Eight round of our Whammys MLB walk-up music tournament spans multiple decades and genres. (In case you missed it: The first round and the Sweet 16 voting revealed several upsets.)

Today you get to sound off on eight more matchups (see brackets below) via our #WalkupVote on Twitter. Voting continues through Sunday, when the Whammys winner will be announced on Sunday Night Baseball (ESPN, 8 p.m. ET).

To cast your vote, tweet #WalkupVote and the name of the song.


No. 1: Fetty Wap

"Trap Queen" (Spotify)
Players: Yasmani Grandal, Delino DeShields, Brandon Phillips, Lorenzo Cain, Johnny Monell, Dexter Fowler, Anthony Rizzo
Fowler: "It's just something I vibe with. Gets me going. You know it's a good walk-up song when you see players on other teams -- and the fans -- vibing to it, too."


No. 3: Frank Sinatra

"Fly Me To The Moon" (Spotify)
Player: Todd Frazier
Frazier: "I hated the song when I was younger. It was always playing in my grandparents' house when I was a kid. There's no beat, just a little rhythm, but you couldn't really dance to it besides the waltz or whatever. But as I got older, I started to understand the meaning of the song. Now it reminds me of my grandparents. Hip-hop? I don't know, it's all a blur to me, man. You can't understand most of the stuff going on in the music, and I don't know how you can get fired up to that."

VOTE: To cast your vote, tweet #WalkupVote and the name of the song ("Trap Queen" or "Fly Me To The Moon").


No. 5: Jim Johnston/Steve Austin

"WWE Entrance Music" (Spotify)
Players: Matt Holliday, Matt Reynolds, Josh Reddick

Reddick: "The WWE entrance music started as my song in 2008, when I was playing in Double-A. It got me pumped up to go to the plate to hit. That's how I got to meet Triple H; he found out I was using his entrance music. I thought it'd be a one-time meeting, but now we're really good friends, which is cool because he was my favorite wrestler growing up."


No. 8: Andy Mineo

"You Can't Stop Me" (Spotify)
Players: Michael McKenry, Justin Maxwell, Logan Morrison

VOTE: To cast your vote, tweet #WalkupVote and the name of the song ("WWE Entrance Music" or "You Can't Stop Me").


No. 1: Led Zeppelin

"Kashmir" (Spotify)
Players: Chase Utley, Huston Street, Adam Liberatore, Ryan Lavarnway, Scott Kazmir, Jeff Samardzija
Utley: "My sister-in-law suggested the song. I listened to it and thought it was cool, so I went with it. It seemed to work, and I didn't want to jinx anything, so I stuck with it. Sometimes, I don't even hear it, to be honest with you. I came up at a time when [walk-up music] was just kind of getting started. Now it seems like the first thing rookies do is request a song to come out to."


No. 6: 2Pac

"All Eyez on Me" (Spotify | iTunes)
Players: David Ortiz, Matt Garza
Ortiz: "I listen to everything. When I'm driving and I hear some s--- that puts me in a good mood, I go from there. Right now I'm playing 2Pac, 'All Eyes on Me.' Sounds about right, doesn't it? All eyes on me? (Laughs)"

VOTE: To cast your vote, tweet #WalkupVote and the name of the song ("Kashmir" or "All Eyez on Me").


No. 3: Lynyrd Skynyrd

"Simple Man" (Spotify)
Players: Madison Bumgarner, Danny Espinosa, Jacob deGrom
deGrom: "I never picked anything in the minor leagues. I would always just tell them, 'Play whatever.' But then I didn't really like the song they were playing when I got called up. So I just decided to change to 'Simple Man.' I like slower music like that. It kind of calms me down, I guess. I don't want to get too amped up going into the first inning."


No. 8: Ted Nugent

"Stranglehold" (Spotify)
Players: Burke Badenhop, Joe Thatcher, Tanner Roark

VOTE: To cast your vote, tweet #WalkupVote and the name of the song ("Simple Man" or "Stranglehold").

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