Yoenis Cespedes shows up to Mets camp in another customized vehicle

Yoenis Cespedes, fresh off signing a new three-year, $75 million deal with the New York Mets, is already turning heads at spring training. Just not with his bat.

The outfielder, who showed up with a custom Ford F-250 a couple days ago, rolled up this morning in a tricked-out Polaris Slingshot.

Alex Vega, owner of Miami-based The Auto Firm and the Avorza brand, which customized the bike/car, said Cespedes paid about $68,000 for the entire thing, including the Slingshot and the customizing job. Vega said he repainted the entire bike, installed custom seats made out of carbon-fiber leather and added a custom-made 12-speaker sound system, forged wheels and LED lights.

Vega said this is the eighth car that Cespedes had customized. Cespedes buys the car itelf and lets Vega take it completely apart to do his work. Cespedes' most expensive purchase was a Lamborghini Aventador ($300,000), which Vega stripped down to the frame and customized, including adding an exhaust system that blows fire