Cubs visited by bear cubs at camp

MESA, Ariz. -- Chicago Cubs players got to interact with real bear cubs on Friday morning as manager Joe Maddon continued his spring-long trend of keeping things light before the workday begins.

Two cubs from Bearizona Wildlife Park tested their 3.5-month-old legs on grass for the first time as players and coaches looked on.

Several players held the animals that came to camp as part of a tie-in with Treasure House in Arizona, a school that helps young adults with learning disabilities.

"[Anthony] Rizzo is done for the day," catcher David Ross yelled as Rizzo held the two cubs.

Maddon says the team has been asked to name the cubs, and he'll look to the fans for help.

"We're trying to come up with creative ways to name both cubs as they grow up to be bears," Maddon said, smiling.

The bear cubs join a long list of things Maddon has used to keep the mood light for his players. Earlier in the week, he employed a mime to warm up with the team, and before that, a karate expert gave a motivational speech and chopped a cinder block in half while it rested on Maddon's chest.