Yankees' dugout victimized by plumbing issues at Oakland Coliseum

OAKLAND, Calif. -- There were plumbing issues in the visitors dugout at the Oakland Coliseum before the start of Saturday's game against the New York Yankees.

Several maintenance workers spent nearly an hour trying to fix a backed up toilet while a member of the Coliseum staff mopped up the standing water seeping into the dugout. Yankees manager Joe Girardi and some New York players sidestepped the mess as they made their way to the field for pregame workouts.

"You had to run upstairs if you needed to use it," Girardi said. "It kept some of our bullpen guys nice and loose."

It's not the first time there has been a plumbing issue at the aging stadium, which was built in 1966.

In June 2013, raw sewage flooded into the Athletics' dugout. Later that year, sewage seeped into the coaches' bathroom in Oakland's clubhouse. The following year, the toilets backed up again and flooded the A's coaches room.

The two main tenants of the building, the A's and Oakland Raiders, have been pushing for a new stadium. The Raiders are also contemplating a move to Las Vegas.

Information from The Associated Press and ESPN's Wallace Matthews was used in this report.