Roger Clemens to headline superteam of former MLB players

This summer's edition of the National Baseball Congress World Series, a tournament mostly for college baseball players, will include one team made up almost entirely of ex-MLB players, including 53-year-old Roger Clemens.

Of the 25 members of the Kansas Stars, 24 are former big leaguers, including Adam LaRoche and ex-Marlins pitchers Brad Penny and Josh Beckett, according to The Wichita Eagle. The outlier is Clemens' son Koby.

The team was organized by LaRoche and Nate Robertson, a former Detroit Tigers pitcher.

"I put out a feeler, a text message, and I was blown away at the response," LaRoche told The Wichita Eagle. "And I mean, right away, guys responding and were really excited about it, wanting more and more information. I think something about being out of the game, whether it's for a couple months or a couple years, not having that competition is what guys so excited to get back out and play the game."

LaRoche abruptly retired this offseason after the Chicago White Sox attempted to limit the time his son was spending in the clubhouse.

This influx of talent into the league means the Seattle Studs, the defending NBC World Series champs, have officially been put on notice.