Cardinals won't use ex-closer Trevor Rosenthal in close games

As the St. Louis Cardinals continue to look for ways to improve their bullpen, they no longer will be using former closer Trevor Rosenthal in the late innings of close games, manager Mike Matheny said Monday.

The struggling Rosenthal has a 5.64 ERA, a 2.044 WHIP and 1.79 strikeout-to-walk ratio, all career worsts.

"I don't see him in a higher-leverage situation right now," Matheny said.

The seventh-inning role Rosenthal had been filling will go to Jonathan Broxton, who also has struggled lately. Matt Bowman and Seth Maness are in the mix as well, Matheny said.

The Cardinals are seeking bullpen help before the Aug. 1 trade deadline, but they also have discussed promoting top pitching prospect Alex Reyes to pitch in relief.