Frank Kaminsky wears Bartman jersey, sparks feud with Cubs

The city of Chicago might be buzzing with the Cubs in the National League Championship Series, but don't tell that to Charlotte Hornets forward Frank Kaminsky III, who's in the Windy City for a preseason game against the Bulls.

Kaminsky, a die-hard White Sox fan, wore a Cubs jersey with his uniform number, 44, and the name "Bartman" on the back before Monday's game.

Bartman refers to Steve Bartman, the Cubs fan who appeared to interfere with a foul ball during Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS and is often blamed for the team's missing out on the World Series that season.

This is likely the last time Kaminsky, who said his family's two favorite baseball teams are "the White Sox and whoever is playing the Cubs," can show off that jersey, as his Hornets won't return to Chicago until January. He's probably hoping the Cubs aren't World Series champions then.

Update: The Cubs weren't going to let Kaminsky get the best of them. They responded on Twitter: