Players' meal money takes big hit in new CBA

One aspect of baseball's new collective bargaining agreement that has not been publicized is that the players' meal money on the road is dropping from $105 to $30 per day, according to two major league sources.

The CBA was announced last week by Major League Baseball and the players' union, but it has not been ratified and could still be subject to change.

In the new agreement, teams will provide pregame and/or postgame meals for their players in the visitors clubhouse when on the road, partly offsetting the decrease in the daily food allowance.

"I doubt many guys know about the money going down, nor would they have agreed to it," said one of several players contacted, all of whom said they were unaware of and unhappy about the change.

Free-agent pitcher Brett Anderson expressed his dissatisfaction with the new rules on his Twitter account. "Worst Christmas present ever," he posted Sunday night.

Previously, players on the road were provided food by the visiting clubhouse manager, who would earn tips from the players.

The new CBA also calls for dietitians and full-time chefs to improve clubhouse nutrition as part of improved player care.