Pedro Guerrero talks with family, friends after waking from coma

Two days after suffering a massive stroke, former baseball player Pedro Guerrero woke up in a New York hospital and talked to his family and friends, his wife told ESPN.

Guerrero, a former slugger with the Los Angeles Dodgers and St. Louis Cardinals, was hospitalized late Monday after suffering a massive stroke near his home in Queens. His wife, Roxanna Guerrero, told ESPN he was initially taken to the Jamaica Center Hospital because it was nearby, but was then transferred to Lenox Hill Hospital, where he had undergone a brain bypass surgery two years ago.

"It is a miracle that Pedro is alive, completely conscious and speaking clearly two days after a doctor basically declared him brain dead," Roxanna Guerrero told ESPN. "This is a miracle."

Roxanna Guerrero said doctors initially informed her that she had to sign a document to disconnect her husband and declare him dead, but she told ESPN that she refused until she had more information and wanted doctors to communicate with the doctor who operated on him in February 2015.

Guerrero, 60, was a five-time All-Star during a 15-year career that ran from 1978 to 1992. The powerful right fielder batted .300 with 215 homers and 898 RBIs.

In 1981, Guerrero shared the World Series MVP award with Ron Cey and Steve Yeager after Los Angeles defeated the New York Yankees. He finished among the top five players in the NL MVP voting on four occasions (1982, '83, '85 and '89).

The former player woke up from the coma around 7 a.m. Wednesday, spoke with his relatives and even received a couple of calls from friends, including one from former Dominican Republic president Leonel Fernandez.

Asked by a doctor who the president was, Guerrero answered with Fernandez's name (Danilo Medina is the current president of the Dominican Republic). The doctor then clarified to Guerrero that he was asking about the president of the United States and Guerrero replied, "Trump. Donald Trump is the president."

"Pedro could not say much because he had just been given a painkiller for the headache, but he listened to everything the former president said and nodded," Roxanna Guerrero said.

"When he said that the president was Leonel Fernandez, I knew he was fine," she added. "That's what Pedro always says when somebody ask him who is the president of the Dominican Republic."