Pat Neshek says Zack Greinke backed out on autograph promise

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Colorado Rockies reliever Pat Neshek ripped Zack Greinke on a message board on Tuesday, writing that the Arizona Diamondbacks ace backed out on a promise to sign baseball cards for him.

Posting under the username "heat17" on SportsCollectors.net, Neshek wrote that Greinke agreed to sign autographs for him at the All-Star Game. Neshek, then with the Philadelphia Phillies, and Greinke were teammates on the National League squad.

Neshek, a noted autograph hound, wrote: "I asked him at the all star game if he would sign for me and he said he would... so a couple weeks ago we played them and I sent over the cards I needed signed... basically 3 league leaders cards with Kershaw and Wainwright already done and 2 from 2015 to complete the set. He said no... I waited around for him during batting practice and went up to him and he totally denied having the conversation at the all star game... I then asked why this was a problem and he said it's because "I wear him out." Hard to wear someone out when he has never signed for me. This is the only a-hole in major league baseball that has been a turd to me.

"So going back to the conversation I said can you just get these done it will take 5 seconds... just draw a little z on them for me... He said no I will never sign for you... I walked away... a couple minutes later I confronted him in the outfield while he was jogging and told him what I thought of him... he just kept on running then said I wouldn't even sign for your kid if he asked.... I wanted to laugh knowing he had probably thought of that line for a long time and that was the best he could come up with... I then let him know what I thought of him again and being the socially awkward guy he is ran back to the dugout and went inside. Soooo I'm done with this guy. I'm basically gonna have to trade with someone on here to 50/50 them down the road."

While Neshek called Greinke "socially awkward," the Diamondbacks right-hander was diagnosed with social anxiety disorder in 2006 and has talked about his battles with it in the past.

Before he headed to the All-Star Game in July, Neshek had said that his goal was to get Greinke to sign for him, noting that his autograph was a tough one to get. He even indicated he would have his 3½-year-old son run over to get the autograph.

Neshek discussed the issue more on Wednesday in a series of tweets directed to a FanGraphs.com reporter. Neshek wrote that Greinke confused him with Marlins pitcher Brad Ziegler.

If the season were to end today, Neshek's Rockies would play Greinke's Diamondbacks in the NL wild-card game.