Projecting Giancarlo Stanton's 2018-27 seasons by potential landing spot

Could Giancarlo Stanton, who hit 59 homers in 2017, be on the move from Miami? Steve Mitchell/USA TODAY Sports

Will the Marlins new owners trade Giancarlo Stanton and his $295 million contract? As the hot stove fires up, where the National League MVP plays in 2018 is already this offseason's hottest topic. Here are the projected numbers for the next 10 seasons for the 2017 major league home run champ.

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Chicago White Sox

Stanton projects to a total 43.4 WAR for the South Siders over 10 seasons, the fourth-lowest total of the 10 projected landing spots.

Los Angeles Angels

ZiPS shows Stanton having fewer hits (1,096), doubles (218), triples (15) and third-fewest homers (315) for the Angels than any other team in these projections.

Houston Astros

Stanton's 935 RBIs over a 10-year span for the Astros is the third-most for these ZiPS projections.

Philadelphia Phillies

Stanton's 743 runs, 48.0 WAR and .594 OBP for the Phillies over 10 years are the best for any team in the projections.

St. Louis Cardinals

With a projected 1,124 strikeouts over 10 season in the Gateway City, Stanton whiffs less with the Cardinals than any team in these projections.

Los Angeles Dodgers

In Dodger Blue, Stanton projects to have the most at bats (4,329) and fourth-most RBIs (929).

New York Yankees

Stanton puts up some of his biggest numbers in pinstripes: 377 home runs, 987 RBIs and a .587 slugging percentage over 10 projected seasons.

Boston Red Sox

Think playing half his games with the Green Monster beckoning helps Stanton's numbers? Think again. Stanton projects to hit his fewest homers (304), have his lowest OPS+ (133) and WAR (36.8) over 10 seasons with Boston.

Chicago Cubs

Stanton's projected .267 batting average and 1,143 hits for the North Siders are the most for any of his prospective landing spots, and the 946 RBIs are the second-best total in these projections.

San Francisco Giants

We picked the Giants -- a team with a serious need to upgrade in the outfield -- as the best landing spot for Stanton. His 46.2 WAR with the Giants is the second-best in these projections.