Former MLB executive accused of workplace misconduct before resignation

Former Major League Baseball executive Bob Bowman was forced out of his position last month amid allegations of inappropriate workplace behavior, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The Journal reported Thursday that Bowman -- the former CEO of MLB Advanced Media -- was verbally and physically abusive to coworkers and team executives, propositioned and dated female colleagues, and led a partying and drinking culture at the company.

Bowman's exit followed a confrontation in which he verbally abused a coworker in October, according to the Journal. That incident led commissioner Rob Manfred to push for Bowman to leave, and Bowman announced Nov. 6 that he was resigning.

"I would say that [the October] incident was the culmination of a variety of issues that had gone on over a period of time, and it precipitated a conversation in which Bob and I agreed that the best thing for him to do was to leave," Manfred told the Journal.

Bowman's actions over the years also drew concern, including from former MLB president Bob DuPuy. The Journal reports that DuPuy addressed Bowman's behavior more than a decade ago with then-commissioner Bud Selig.

Selig "had no interest" in dealing with the accusations against Bowman, a baseball official told the Journal. A Selig spokesman told the Journal that it would be "highly inappropriate" for Selig to discuss private conversations with former MLB employees.

The Walt Disney Co., which also owns ESPN, owns a majority share of BAMTech, a spinoff of MLB Advanced Media.

Bowman acknowledged his misconduct, without going into detail, in a statement to the Journal.

"The culture that started at BAM was hard working and driven. At times, it was also inappropriate and I take full responsibility," Bowman said. "This inappropriate behavior reflects my personal flaws and not someone else's. This behavior and my personal behavior were wrong. To those who felt the sting of my behavior, I am truly sorry. To my family, friends and business colleagues who have been steadfastly supportive of me, and whom I have embarrassed, I apologize."