Party foul: Yankees' beer-foam art of players against MLB rules

Major League Baseball warned the New York Yankees on Tuesday that a plan to display images of Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton and other players imprinted in beer sold at Yankee Stadium would violate league policy, Newsday reported.

A media tasting event at Yankee Stadium on Monday showcased some of the new food and drink items being sold this season. The biggest innovation was technology that can imprint player likenesses into beer and coffee foam. The Yankees' concessions team showed images of outfielders Judge and Stanton, catcher Gary Sanchez and closer Aroldis Chapman, as well as a Yankees logo, floating in the head of a cup of beer.

MarketWatch reported that images of those players had already been loaded into the machines at the park and would be available starting on Opening Day.

The Yankees said Tuesday there was no current plan to sell the player-personalized beers at the stadium.

"Our hospitality team took Monday's event as an opportunity to test the image machine with various Yankees-related logos and photos," a Yankees spokesperson said. "However, the Yankees have no current plans of incorporating this decorative element on concessions items this season."

Major League Baseball said it had been unaware of the images.

"We spoke to the club; the club wasn't aware, either," a spokesman for the league said. "To the best of our knowledge, they have told them it's not authorized, to cease doing it.''