Nationals' Dave Martinez ejected for first time as manager

It didn't take long for Dave Martinez to earn his first ejection as a major league manager.

The Washington Nationals' rookie skipper made an early exit from his eighth game on the job, getting tossed by umpire Marty Foster at the end of the third inning of a 3-2 loss to the New York Mets on Saturday.

Martinez came out to argue after Nationals third baseman Anthony Rendon was ejected by Foster. Rendon had flipped his bat after being called out on strikes for the inning's final out while facing Mets lefty Steven Matz.

He didn't think what Rendon did "warranted a toss that quick," which is why he left the dugout.

"At some point," Martinez said, "you've got to protect the players."

"I don't think my mouth even opened to chew gum," Rendon said. "It's pretty funny. It's comical, to say the least. He had a vendetta out for me or something."

Foster allowed Martinez to yell for quite a bit before telling him his day was over. Martinez then yanked off and threw his cap before kicking at the dirt near home plate.

Rendon was one of a handful of Nationals batters who complained about called strikes in the early innings Saturday.

Rendon said he thinks "there has to be an improvement" when it comes to umpiring.

"They don't get cut. They don't get benched. They don't get sent down to Triple-A, whatever it might be," Rendon said. "It's just sad that there's no accountability for them."

Crew chief Joe West told a pool reporter that Foster felt that Rendon's toss of his bat "was showing him up" and that an umpire in that situation has "to do something, or he loses all respect from the players."

West also said: "The pitch prior to the strikeout, [Rendon] walked completely out of the hitter's circle, which the hitters aren't allowed to do. Marty said, 'We gotta play. You gotta get back in there.' Then when he called strike three, he threw the bat."

The Nationals have lost four straight after winning their first four games.

Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.