Joey Votto gets fan's T-shirt in exchange for autographed jersey

PITTSBURGH -- This trade was too good for Joey Votto to turn down.

The Cincinnati Reds' star first baseman spotted a fan sitting along the first-base line Monday at PNC Park wearing a T-shirt that read "Votto for President." It was from a Nike promotional campaign in 2012 and Votto hadn't kept any of the shirts.

Votto got the shirt, but he wound up with little else, as his team was shut down by Trevor Williams and the Pittsburgh Pirates 5-1.

In the middle of the fourth inning, Votto walked over to the fan and asked for the shirt, offering an autographed jersey in return. The man agreed and the suddenly bare-chested fan and Votto exchanged first bumps along with Labor Day gifts.

"I was trying to find [the T-shirt] for a while, and I was excited to see if I could trade a jersey for a shirt and he obliged," Votto said.

"He was willing to take his shirt off in the middle of the stands, and thanks to him for being willing to do that," he said.

That was the highlight of the day for Votto, who went 1-for-4 and grounded into a double play as the Reds lost for the ninth time in 12 games.