The 100s tracker: Astros rejoin the club

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

With a series win against the best team in baseball, the Astros made their way back into the group of teams on pace for triple-digit wins. Who else could hit the century mark in wins or losses as the season hits the homestretch?


Boston Red Sox (98-46)

On pace for 110 wins

The Red Sox have 98 wins through 144 games and remain on pace for 110 wins. That puts them on pace to reach their 100th win in game No. 147, which would come Thursday against the Blue Jays in the final game of a three-game series. Their franchise record is 105 wins and they are on pace to surpass that in a Sept. 23 Sunday night clash with the Indians.

-- Red Sox's 100-win seasons: three (1946, 1915, 1912)

New York Yankees (89-54)

On pace for 101 wins

With 89 wins through 143 games, the Yankees are on pace to reach their 100th win in Game 161. That next-to-last game of the season is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 29 at the Red Sox.

- Yankees' 100-win seasons: 19 (most recent: 2009)

Houston Astros (89-54)

On pace for 100 wins

After moving back into the 100-win-pace club this weekend, the Astros are now on pace to hit the century mark in the win column Sept. 29 at the Orioles.

- Astros' 100-win seasons: two (1998, 2017)


Baltimore Orioles (41-102)

On pace for 115 losses

The Orioles already have reached 100 losses, hitting the mark in their 141st game. That's the fourth-fewest games needed to reach 100 losses in a season in the past 75 seasons -- the only teams that did it in fewer are the 2003 Tigers, 1962 Mets and 1952 Pirates. The Orioles/Browns franchise record for losses in a season is 111 in 1939. They're on pace to reach loss No. 112 in Game 158, which is Sept. 26 at the Red Sox.

-- Orioles' 100-loss seasons: 11 (most recent: 1988)

Kansas City Royals (47-95)

On pace for 108 losses

The Royals have 95 losses through 142 games and are on pace to reach 100 losses in Game No. 150. That's on Sept. 17 at the Pirates in the opener of a nine-game trip to Pittsburgh, Detroit and Cincinnati. The Royals' franchise record for losses in a season is 106 in 2005 and they're on pace to set a new all-time low on Sept. 28 against the Indians.

-- Royals' 100-loss seasons: four (2006, 2005, 2004, 2002)

What it means: The Royals and Orioles are both on pace for 110-plus losses. The only time there have been two teams with 110 losses in a season was 1969, when the expansion Padres and Expos each lost 110 games.