Bryce Harper to Rangers? Well, if Tony Romo says it's so ...

After Tony Romo predicted the Pats' plays in the AFC title game, MLB free agent Bryce Harper joked on Twitter that he'd asked where Romo thinks he'll be playing next year -- and hijinks ensued. Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire

Bryce Harper is headed to Texas. At least if you believe Tony Romo.

Romo, the CBS NFL analyst -- and former Dallas Cowboys quarterback -- put on an epic performance prognosticating the New England Patriots' plays during their overtime victory in the AFC Championship Game on Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs, sparking buzz on social media.

The praise for Romo's Nostradamus act wasn't lost on Harper, MLB's most high-profile free-agent superstar.

First, with tongue firmly in cheek, Harper took to Twitter that night to "confirm" he'd asked Romo to predict which team's outfield he'll be roaming in this season.

A day later, Romo responded -- and his choice was, well, predictable.

A little home cooking, yes, but it was enough to make the Texas Rangers happy.

We're reasonably sure the Rangers didn't send any dough to Romo, but if they have any intention of making his call come true and luring Harper to Texas, well, they'll need to write out a pretty big check indeed.