Danny Farquhar wears protective cap after brain surgery

Danny Farquhar, who suffered a brain hemorrhage from a ruptured aneurysm last April 20 with the Chicago White Sox, began wearing custom-made head protection Thursday for his return to pitching with the New York Yankees, a team spokesman confirmed to ESPN's "Outside the Lines."

Farquhar, who turns 32 on Sunday, collapsed in the dugout after coming off the mound in a game against the Astros. He was taken to a Chicago hospital and underwent surgery.

Farquhar, signed to a minor league contract two weeks ago, is using a 6-ounce product from Unequal Technologies that is fitted for the official Major League Baseball 4-ounce New Era Cap, Unequal CEO Rob Vito told OTL.

"The Yankees contacted us to design something to meet with the approval of his neurologist," said Vito. "What we made protects his temple and the skull area where he had surgery."

Vito said the "Uncap" consists of a Kevlar composite insert and an outer flap of a polymer similar to what is used in batting helmets.

The insert, said Vito, is secured inside the cap's sweatband to avoid having it shift with the motion of the pitcher.

MLB permits pitchers to use any type of protective headwear, as long as it doesn't interfere with play or with licensing agreements.

Farquhar has pitched 253 big league games -- all in relief -- since debuting in the majors with Toronto in 2011.