Giants CEO Baer returning with reduced role

When San Francisco Giants CEO and president Larry Baer rejoins the team Tuesday, he will report to the man who filled his role while he was suspended.

On Saturday, the Giants acknowledged Baer's pending return and announced that Rob Dean, the son-in-law of late Giants principal owners Harmon and Sue Burns, would continue as the MLB control person and be Baer's boss.

"Rob will transition into the role of chairman and will continue as the MLB designated control person," the team said in a statement. "In this capacity, Rob -- along with Larry -- will represent the club with MLB. Rob will also, on behalf of ownership, collaborate with the executive leadership team on major organizational issues. Keeping in line with industry standards, the president of baseball operations reports to the control person, and we will adopt that practice."

Baer was suspended without pay in March following an altercation between he and his wife, Pam, that was caught on video. In the video, which was posted to TMZ, Pam Baer screamed, "Oh, my God! No!" while falling to the ground as her husband attempted to take a cellphone from her. Larry Baer was also seen in the video holding the cellphone while walking away.

"While my time away has been difficult on many levels, it has allowed me opportunities for introspection and, with the help of some wonderful people, growth," Baer said in a statement released by the team. "I've been able to step back and take stock of myself as a person and as a leader. I am wiser for it, and the work continues. The journey of self-discovery, like so much in life, is ongoing and never-ending."

Criminal charges were not filed by the San Francisco district attorney's office.

The Giants said Baer attended a "regular counseling program" and "recommitted himself to the organization."