Castellanos calls Comerica's center field 'a joke'

After hitting a walk-off home run against the Toronto Blue Jays to snap a six-game losing streak, Detroit Tigers outfielder Nicholas Castellanos took issue with how many homers he has missed out on due to playing at Comerica Park.

"This park's a joke. It's to the point where, how are we going to be compared to the rest of the people in the league for power numbers, OPS, slugging and all this stuff when we got a yard out here that's 420 feet straight across in center field?" Castellanos said after Sunday's game.

The 372-foot home run (hit to left field) in the bottom of the 10th to give the Tigers just their 13th win at home this season was Castellanos' 11th of the season.

He led the majors in triples in 2017 and leads in doubles with 34 this season, a fact he owes to Comerica's cavernous center field.

"We get on second base or third base, and they're looking, like, 'Man, how do you guys do this?' We play 81 games here. I don't want to hear about your two that you hit that are questionable," said Castellanos, who is slashing .284/.342/.480 this year.

"Move in center field, right-center, there is no reason that I hit a ball 434 off [Washington Nationals right-hander] Anibal Sanchez and it goes in the first row, that shouldn't happen."

Castellanos, 27, is also a candidate to be dealt as the July 31 trade deadline approaches, but he said he isn't preoccupied with the speculation.

"I'm at the point where I really don't care what happens. Why care? I can't control it. Why care if one day my hair is going to turn gray if I can't control it? I don't know if that analogy makes any sense, but it popped into my head."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.