A-Rod's valuables taken from car after S.F. game

ESPN baseball analyst Alex Rodriguez was among a group of people who had valuables stolen from an SUV Sunday night in San Francisco.

The vehicle, which was rented by ESPN for some of the production crew covering the Phillies-Giants game on Sunday Night Baseball, was broken into while the group was having dinner after the game.

"I am saddened that several items that were of a personal nature and irreplaceable with sentimental value were taken," Rodriguez said. "I am encouraged that local law enforcement has security footage of the crime and are doing all they can to get the items back."

Rodriguez has declined to comment on what was stolen, and San Francisco police are not releasing details of their investigation into the car break-in near Oracle Park.

But The San Francisco Chronicle, citing sources close to the investigation, said more than $500,000 worth of jewelry and other items was taken from the SUV.

"It's an unfortunate situation. We're working with local authorities to address it," an ESPN spokesperson said.

According to the Chronicle, 2,150 vehicle break-ins were reported in San Francisco in July, or about 69 per day, as part of what the newspaper has characterized as a "rolling epidemic" in the city.