2020 Baseball Hall of Fame

Former Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter was a lock for enshrinement in the 2020 class for the Baseball Hall of Fame, falling just one vote short of becoming the Hall's second unanimous selection. Larry Walker joined him in being elected by the BBWAA, clearing the 75% margin for election in his 10th and final season on the ballot. They'll be enshrined at the same time as Ted Simmons and Marvin Miller, who were elected in December by the 16-man modern era committee.

Beyond the elections of Jeter and Walker, Curt Schilling made significant gains among the electors and now looks like a likely victor in next year's voting. Elsewhere, Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens made small gains that suggest that after eight years on the ballot they might have trouble achieving election in their final two seasons of eligibility.

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2020 BBWAA Vote Totals

A total of 397 voters cast ballots in the 2020 election. Here are the results of the BBWAA voting:

Derek Jeter 396 (99.7%)
Larry Walker 304 (76.6%)
• Curt Schilling 278 (70.0%)
• Roger Clemens 242 (61.0%)
• Barry Bonds 241 (60.7%)
• Omar Vizquel 209 (52.6%)
• Scott Rolen 140 (35.3%)
• Billy Wagner 126 (31.7%)
• Gary Sheffield 121 (30.5%)
• Todd Helton 116 (29.2%)
• Manny Ramírez 112 (28.2%)
• Jeff Kent 109 (27.5%)
• Others receiving votes: Andruw Jones 77 (19.4%); Sammy Sosa 55 (13.9%); Andy Pettitte 45 (11.3%); Bobby Abreu 22 (5.5%); Paul Konerko 10 (2.5%); Jason Giambi 6 (1.5%); Alfonso Soriano 6 (1.5%); Eric Chávez 2 (0.5%); Cliff Lee 2 (0.5%); Adam Dunn 1 (0.3%); Brad Penny 1 (0.3%); Raúl Ibañez 1 (0.3%); J.J. Putz 1 (0.3%)

• No votes for Josh Beckett, Heath Bell, Chone Figgins, Rafael Furcal, Carlos Peña, Brian Roberts and José Valverde.

Key dates

• Jan. 21, 2020: Hall of Fame voting results announced on MLB Network

• July 26, 2020: Cooperstown induction ceremony

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