Cubs' Kris Bryant out with illness, tested negative for coronavirus

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CHICAGO -- Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant is out of the lineup for a second consecutive day on Sunday due to health protocols after he self-reported a stomach ailment on Saturday morning.

"He really needs to be commended for going in and getting checked out," manager David Ross said Sunday morning. "We're trying to take the right precautions to keep everyone safe."

Bryant has tested negative for the coronavirus up to four times in recent days, including a quick test Sunday morning, and will await the results of another round of tests before returning.

"A lot of different illnesses can have the same symptoms as COVID," Ross said. "Major League Baseball is just going through the proper channels to make sure everyone is safe."

The Cubs are the only known team in baseball without a positive test since the beginning of summer camp. Their core group of players have been together for half a decade, contributing to a cohesive message about being careful throughout the organization. Ross was asked when Bryant might return.

"That's in MLB's hands as far as I know," he said. "They like to wait 24-48 hours, so that will be in their court."