Grandfather's bucket of balls and note about son and grandson is some good on social media

Ethan Anderson/@TheBigE_21

When Ethan Anderson's grandfather cleaned out his garage, he decided it was time for the bucket of old baseballs to go.

In a tweet, Anderson shows that his grandfather, Randy Long, took the balls to a local batting cage as a donation for anyone to use. It was a place the family went to often. The 72-year-old Long just didn't think he needed to pitch anymore to his 46-year-old son or 23-year-old grandson.

"When I was a kid we would usually go a few times a week to hit in the cages," Anderson told ESPN. "Many times I didn't even want to go, but he always wanted me to be the best player I could be."

Anderson played baseball and football in high school. He described his grandfather as a level-headed and thorough coach.

"He rarely got upset but instead tried to explain the things he was showing me and make sure I understood the reasoning behind it," Anderson said.

"Sometimes to the point of over explaining."

Long's reaction to his bucket of balls going viral was minimal. His grandson said he has never been on social media.

"He is still not completely sure what Twitter is," Anderson said. "[He] even calls hashtags "hashbrowns."

If it's been a while since you played catch with your child or you're missing your parents or grandparents who don't live nearby, the tweet is a great reminder to cherish those things or, better yet, go do them. Who cares how old you are?