Three umpires on crew will be working first World Series

HOUSTON -- Chris Conroy will be behind the plate for Tuesday night's opener between the Atlanta Braves and Houston Astros, one of three umpires working the World Series for the first time along with Dan Bellino and Mike Muchlinski.

Crew chief Tom Hallion will be at first for the opener, Bellino at second, Ted Barrett at third, Muchlinski in left and Alfonso Marquez in right. Ron Kulpa will be the reserve umpire as part of the seven-man crew.

Barrett will be working his fifth Series, Marquez his fourth and Hallion and Kulpa their second.

Kulpa will work the plate for Game 2.

When the Series shifts to Atlanta, Hallion will be behind the plate for Game 3, Bellino for Game 4 and Barrett for a possible Game 5.

Should the Series return to Houston next week, Muchlinski would work the plate for Game 6 and Marquez for Game 7.

Pat Hoberg and Tim Timmons will be the umpires in the replay room in New York.