Best home run celebration props for the 2023 MLB season

Has Jason Vosler just hit a home run, or is he getting ready to raid Lindisfarne? Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Have you heard? Baseball is having a bit of a moment.

Game time is down, stolen bases are up and even the occasional pitch clock violation is amusing. Players seem to be having a grand old time with it all, especially after the incredible World Baseball Classic tournament.

Take the Cincinnati Reds, for example. They're going full Ragnar Lothbrok this year, with a Viking helmet and cape for players who've gone yard. Never mind that a historical Viking helmet wouldn't have horns ('cause your enemies could grab onto them and wrench your neck around) -- it looks awesome. Phenom Elly De La Cruz, playing in just his second MLB game, got to wear the regalia when he drilled a 458-footer for his first career home run.

It's only appropriate, then, to highlight the incredible variety of celebratory props players are using to hype up their teammates. Here are some of our favorites.

Seattle Mariners: Trident

True to their nautical theme, the Mariners have taken to wielding a golden trident after homers.

Boston Red Sox: Inflatable dumbbells

World Baseball Classic hero Masataka Yoshida's nickname is Macho Man, and his teammates are leaning into it, getting golden inflatable dumbbells to lift after hitting home runs. The team used to have sluggers take a ride in a cart after getting back to the dugout, but it looks like this tradition has supplanted that one.

It was especially sweet for Yoshida to see the dumbbells Sunday after he hit two home runs in a single inning against the Brewers, his second one a grand slam that broke the game wide open.

Pittsburgh Pirates: A sword

The Pirates are really leaning into the spirit of their namesake, and have acquired what appears to be a cutlass for their celebrations.

Atlanta Braves: Big hat

Almost refreshingly straightforward, this is simply a very large Braves hat. Sadly, the team has put a stop to it due to a conflict with New Era, the league's official on-field cap manufacturer.

Los Angeles Angels: Warriors hat (?)/Samurai helmet

This one's a bit strange -- the Angels wore a sun hat with a Warriors logo on it when mashing some dingers against the Oakland Athletics. NBC Sports says it's just a placeholder for something much bigger coming down the line. In later games, the logo was replaced with a standard Angels icon. Stay tuned.

Update: the new prop has arrived and it's a full-blown samurai kabuto helmet Shohei Ohtani ordered from Japan.

Baltimore Orioles: Whatever this is

It's important to stay hydrated, and the Orioles are doing so in style, breaking out something which the broadcast has referred to as the "Hydration Station" to celebrate dingers.

Toronto Blue Jays: Phantom home run jacket

Toronto's home run jacket was a big part of their team culture over the past few seasons. Now, however, they've retired it, intending to focus more on winning games than celebrating home runs. That hasn't stopped Vladimir Guerrero Jr. from putting it on -- at least in spirit.

Milwaukee Brewers: Cheesehead crown

You knew it was coming -- folks in Wisconsin love cheese, and the Brewers are respecting the great Cheesehead tradition by rocking one of their own.