Roger Clemens: Prosecutors should pay

WASHINGTON -- Ex-baseball star Roger Clemens says prosecutors should have to pay his attorneys' fees for a mistrial this summer on charges he lied about using performance-enhancing drugs.

The trial in Washington federal court ended on the sixth day after prosecutors showed jurors inadmissible evidence. U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton has scheduled another trial for April, but invited Clemens to request the government pay his expenses for the first attempt.

Walton said it would be unfair for Clemens to have to pay for the prosecution's mistake. Walton said he wasn't sure he has authority to order reimbursement, but he'd look at the law if Clemens requested it.

Clemens' motion filed Tuesday did not say how much his team of high-powered attorneys charged, but Walton noted "obviously that's not going to come cheap."