No indictment for Torii Hunter's son

DALLAS -- A grand jury has declined to indict the teenage son of Detroit Tigers outfielder Torii Hunter in a sexual assault case.

Darius McClinton-Hunter was arrested in May with four others in Prosper, north of Dallas, and accused of sexual assault. A Collin County grand jury indicated Wednesday there wasn't enough evidence to prosecute him.

McClinton-Hunter has denied the allegations. His attorney, Todd Shapiro, said Wednesday that the 18-year-old was "elated."

"He finally feels vindicated," Shapiro said in an interview. "He knew from the very day he was arrested that he didn't commit any crime."

John Schomburger, the first assistant district attorney in Collin County, would not say whether the district attorney's office would continue to pursue a case against McClinton-Hunter.

"In general, we prosecute defendants on the charges that are handed down to them by the grand jury," Schomburger said.

Authorities in Prosper alleged that McClinton-Hunter, co-defendant Garrick White and three boys listed as juveniles were involved in a forced sexual encounter with several girls. The grand jury declined to indict all five people of sexual assault, attorneys for two of the defendants said.

The grand jury did indict Garrick White for unlawful restraint of a child. White's attorney, Coleman Sylvan, said he had serious questions about the case and that the incident in question was consensual.

"He doesn't understand why he's been singled out in this way," Sylvan said of his client. "His actions were the exact same as everyone involved, but for some reason he's being singled out, and we don't know why."

McClinton-Hunter played football at Prosper High School and was reportedly being recruited by several colleges before his arrest. Shapiro said he was sent to an alternative school in the fall and held out of football games. Colleges that were considering making him an offer held back due to the allegations, Shapiro said.

"That all dried up, and it's a real shame that happened," he said. "False accusations caused him to miss out on a lot of opportunities."

Torii Hunter, who signed with the Tigers this offseason, left the Angels last year for 14 games in the wake of his son's arrest. Shapiro said Torii Hunter was thrilled by Wednesday's news.

"This has weighed very heavily on him," Shapiro said.