Indians fan catches four foul balls

Four balls usually earns you a walk at a baseball game, but for Greg Van Niel it added up to one remarkable day at the ballpark.

Van Niel caught four foul balls at the Indians' 6-4 win over the Kansas City Royals on Sunday.

A season ticket holder, Van Niel actually wasn't in his usual seats on this unusual day.

"We weren't in our actual season ticket seats [Sunday]," Van Niel told ESPN. "We were one section over and it happened to be the lucky section [Sunday]."

The Indians caught up with Greg during the game and he posed for a picture while displaying three of his souvenirs.

Van Niel, who said he'd never caught a foul ball before Sunday, explained, "I caught three of them and one was a pick-up."

He kept the first three he corralled, but said he tossed the fourth one into the crowd because, "I had one for each of the kids that was with us."

The odds are one in a thousand just to catch one foul ball at any give game, according to ESPN Stats & Information. So what are the odds of one person catching four at a single game?

A cool one in a trillion, or simply a great day in Cleveland.